Moppi’s move out/in cleaning includes

We will clean your home thoroughly before you move in or out. This type of cleaning is more profound than the usual weekly or monthly cleaning. In this cleaning more emphasis is put on the kitchen, bathroom as well as the storage spaces. Move in/out cleaning also includes washing the oven and the fridge on the inside and outside. The cleaning of the sauna and windows can be ordered as additional services.

Required time for moving cleaning

Required time for the moving cleaning is three hours more than required time for basic home cleaning. For example, the estimated time for studio apartment (1 room, bathroom and kitchen) moving cleaning is five hours.

Moving cleaning pricing

Hourly rates for the moving cleaning are: One time cleaning costs 38-45€/hour. Moving cleaning for studio apartment, would cost 190-225€ and after household tax deduction (according to 2020 situation), only 114-135€ total. Book a moving cleaning!

Where is Moppi present?







Soon we will be available in other cities, too!