Modern home cleaning company!

Moppi is a modern home cleaning company that mediates cleaning professionals fast, easily and reliably. We believe that a clean home affects positively to the quality of life. We clean so that our customers have more time to do what they really enjoy.

Our clientele consists of different demographics: everything from big families living in detached houses to single people living in apartment buildings. To all of them we offer the easiest way on the home cleaning market to take care of the cleanliness of their home.

All of our freelance cleaners are reliable and professional with a proper training and they will for sure make your home sparkle. In addition, we have insured every cleaning for up to one million euros – just in case.

The booking and paying for our services on our website is easy and safe. Check the price of your home cleaning here.

SuperTeam of Moppi

Moppi as a company

Our happy community consists of different professional who together ensure that your Moppi experience is as great as possible.

Our office team consists of nine persons and a few furry friends. Each of us has his or her own important task in creating a successful performance and a positive environment.

In charge of our customer service is Jose. He takes all the phone bookings, chats with you on the Moppi chat and deals with possible contract changes and problem situations.

Our marketing manager Outi is doing an important work on our digital channels and social media. She makes sure that our home cleaning services are easy to find and match your needs.

Oskari, Sam and Saulius are in charge for the technical side of Moppi. Together they help make what Moppi does the best: coordinate cleaners, make cleanings efficient and also make the booking of our services as easy and effortless as possible. The additional member to the technical team is Martin who works remotely. He is incharge of the back-end systems and the matrix behind it.

Fredrik, Steven and Matti, on the other hand, run the business side of Moppi, are in charge of the internal stakeholder’s communication, and make sure that the customers get their money’s worth and our cleaners compensation for their work. They coordinate the marketing, cleaning operations and make everything come together at Moppi.

Moppi cooperates with

Our high-standard and reliable service has brought us together with Finland’s leading companies and associations. Together we make sure that your home cleaning is done safely and according to all the standards as well as conserving the nature. We want to offer our clients only the best certified cleaning services!